Sarah BladonWelcome to Sarah’s Office Snippets!

If you use Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint every day, then Sarah’s Office Snippets (SOS) are for you.  Designed to help you work more quickly, and produce even better looking documents, you’ll get loads of tips and shortcuts that you never even knew existed.

Even if you’ve been using these packages for years, unless you have regular update training sessions, you’ll be surprised at how much more there is to them.  There might be new updates since you first started using Microsoft packages, or just tricks you’ve never been trained in.

SOS training videos and webinars show you exactly what you can achieve, and how to do it, in quick, easy steps.  From multilevel numbering to sorting out formatting issues, build your knowledge of techniques and shortcuts at your own pace.

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About Us

I’m Sarah, and I began my career as a secretary, so I know what’s useful in Microsoft Office and what’s not.  Now, working as a trainer, I see exactly which tips and techniques make the most difference to people using the packages every day.

It’s my experience of what people need that’s led to Sarah’s Office Snippets – short videos and webinars, no advertisements.  No long, boring training days for you to sit through, just straight to the point information that you can use straight away.  You’ll always get explanations about how these new techniques will help you too, not just instructions on what buttons to press.   

Whether you’re searching for something that you think your Microsoft package programme should do for you, or are interested in finding out what’s available to make you more efficient, you should find my Office Snippets useful.

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