5 Things YDKYDK About Microsoft Word: #2 Ribbons Tabs & Groups

Further to my last blog about the Quick Access Toolbar, Blog #2 of this series covers some facilities in #Word that #Microsoft have included quite discreetly.

Blog #2: how to turn off things like All Caps or Small Caps that don’t have a button on the ribbon, and how to get your ribbon back if it disappears.

Firstly, I need to tell you the proper names for everything displayed at the top of your screen in #MicrosoftOffice:

The panel at the top of your screen = Ribbon (a different ribbon appears when you click on each Tab)

The headings at the top (above the ribbon) = Tabs (eg Home, Insert, Layout)

The buttons on each ribbon = Commands (eg bold, underline, paste)

Sections of the ribbon = Groups (eg Clipboard, Font, Paragraph)

The reason it’s important to know this is that in the bottom right-hand corner of each Group is a tiny grey arrow.  If you click on these you’ll be presented with a window containing more options.  This is the one you will see for Font, which as you can see is where you can find Small Caps and All Caps:

For those of you who have Microsoft Office 2003 etched into your memory, the windows which appear in the newer versions are almost the same, they haven’t actually changed that much!  It’s just knowing how to find them that is critical which is the purpose of this blog.

Click here to watch a brief video which explains what I’m referring to above.

Show/Hide Ribbon

It’s also very easy to hide your ribbon without realising it.  Useful if you want more screen space temporarily, but very annoying if you’ve done it by accident.  There is another tiny arrow in the bottom far right-hand corner of the ribbon which will hide it.  In order to bring it back again, you have to select one of the Tab names and then an arrow or pin will appear on the far right-hand side of the ribbon.  Click on this to bring your ribbon back permanently.

There is also a very useful keyboard shortcut which does this quickly and easily.

Click here to watch my video which tells you the keyboard shortcut and explains how to show/hide your ribbon manually too.

In Blog #3 I will tell you about a very powerful tool in Word which is blatantly visible on the Home ribbon but everyone seems to ignore it.  It can quickly sort out formatting issues such as numbering; the bane of everyone’s existence!  It’s one of my favourites to wow people with during training sessions.

Click here if you missed my first blog about the Quick Access Toolbar.


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