5 Things YDKYDK About Microsoft Word #4 Autotext

Do you regularly type the same paragraphs of text into a Word document, or copy/paste from other documents? Have you ever wondered if there is a quicker way of inserting them?
Blog #4: how can I save regularly used paragraphs/pages of text and insert them into any document quickly and easily?
Have you ever heard of #Autotext? If not, that would explain why you’re spending lots of time copy/pasting text from other documents and perhaps even storing them in a template.
Autotext is SO easy to add:
  1. Highlight the piece of text you’d like to reuse
  2. Hold down Alt and F3
  3. Give your piece of text a memorable Name – minimum of 6 characters, no spaces. Top tip: if you are going to set up a lot of Autotext then make a note somewhere of the names/descriptions
  4. Ignore the rest of the form you’re presented with and just press OK
To insert a piece of Autotext you’ve previously added, simply start typing the name you’ve given it and after a few characters a box will appear telling you to press Enter to insert.
Watch my video if you’d like to see it in action.
Please note:
  • Should you happen to be typing the name of a piece of Autotext and the box appears, simply ignore it and carry on typing.
  • If you need to change existing pieces of Autotext, just give the new one exactly the same name as the existing one and Word will ask you if you’d like to Redefine it. Say yes.
  • For those of you working for businesses, double check with your IT Department that any Autotext you add will definitely be retained. Or do a test piece of Autotext then check it’s still working the next day, before adding more.
  • Autotext can also be added in Outlook for use in your emails.
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