Are you pressing all the right buttons?

I recently did a social media poll about Caps Lock and approximately 40% of people who responded said that they turn Caps Lock on in order to type a single capital letter.  They do this at the beginning of every sentence.

Some of you may well be laughing at this point or shocked at the thought of people doing this.  If you have had training, you will know that holding down Shift and any letter will give you an initial capital.  However, my guess is that people who use Caps Lock have never been formally trained on how to use a computer.  Or perhaps they weren’t around when we only had typewriters available (does anyone else remember Tippex and carbon copies?!)  Can YOU honestly say that you know what all the buttons on your keyboard do?  Do you know your Shift key from your Tab key?

If someone sat you at a computer for the first time, logically you probably would decide that Caps Lock is the way to get a capital letter.  Unless someone tells you that you can hold down Shift with any letter on the keyboard to get a capital letter, how are you supposed to know?

This is why the companies I work with use my consultancy services.  I am available to their staff not only for queries like this, but also for issues with bullets and numbering, tables, track changes, Excel spreadsheets (which seem to be the bane of everyone’s lives).  These issues probably annoy you every day of the week and, unless you have had training, you can waste valuable minutes and hours trying to sort these things out.  For business owners out there reading this, I have good news.  I have an opening at present for a new client, so please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your staff training requirements.

If you are feeling smug and thinking you know all of this, that’s great.  But most people have habits of some kind which are wasting their valuable time.  Do you use the mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste?  Do you ever use the arrow keys to go to the beginning of a word to delete it because you don’t know about Backspace?  Do you ever use the arrow keys to go to the end of a word because you don’t know about Delete?

I’d be really interested to hear your opinions on this.  Do you have any weird computer habits that you are aware of, or have you spotted anyone else doing something peculiar? Do you think Microsoft Office training is necessary?  Are you self taught or have you been lucky enough to receive training?  Let me know!

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