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5 Things YDKYDK About Microsoft Word #4 Autotext

Do you regularly type the same paragraphs of text into a Word document, or copy/paste from other documents? Have you ever wondered if there is a quicker way of inserting them? Blog #4: how can I save regularly used paragraphs/pages of text and insert them into any document quickly and easily? Have you ever heard

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5 Things YDKYDK About Microsoft Word: #3 – Format Painter

Have you ever spent hours reformatting a Word document thinking, “surely there’s a quicker way of doing this”?!  Well there is. Blog #3: what is that little yellow paintbrush in the Clipboard group of the ribbon? (Note: if you don’t know what a group or ribbon is then you’ll need to read Blog #2) The Format

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5 Things YDKYDK About Microsoft Word: #2 Ribbons Tabs & Groups

Further to my last blog about the Quick Access Toolbar, Blog #2 of this series covers some facilities in #Word that #Microsoft have included quite discreetly. Blog #2: how to turn off things like All Caps or Small Caps that don’t have a button on the ribbon, and how to get your ribbon back if

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Are you pressing all the right buttons?

I recently did a social media poll about Caps Lock and approximately 40% of people who responded said that they turn Caps Lock on in order to type a single capital letter.  They do this at the beginning of every sentence. Some of you may well be laughing at this point or shocked at the thought of

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File Explorer/Windows Explorer – new video!

The video I’ve chosen for this week’s blog shows you the quickest way to view all files on your computer.  I’ve also given a few tips which will help you when doing so. If you have a fairly new computer (Windows 10) you’ll have File Explorer available, which was known as Windows Explorer in previous operating systems. This

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