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5 Things YDKYDK About Microsoft Word #4 Autotext

Do you regularly type the same paragraphs of text into a Word document, or copy/paste from other documents? Have you ever wondered if there is a quicker way of inserting them? Blog #4: how can I save regularly used paragraphs/pages of text and insert them into any document quickly and easily? Have you ever heard […]

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Are you pressing all the right buttons?

I recently did a social media poll about Caps Lock and approximately 40% of people who responded said that they turn Caps Lock on in order to type a single capital letter.  They do this at the beginning of every sentence. Some of you may well be laughing at this point or shocked at the thought of […]

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File Explorer/Windows Explorer – new video!

The video I’ve chosen for this week’s blog shows you the quickest way to view all files on your computer.  I’ve also given a few tips which will help you when doing so. If you have a fairly new computer (Windows 10) you’ll have File Explorer available, which was known as Windows Explorer in previous operating systems. This […]

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Do you find Excel a bit daunting?!

Hi everyone and Happy 2017! This month Sarah’s Office Snippets are focusing on Microsoft Excel. There is much time wasted in offices everywhere by people who try to use Word Tables for lists of data because they find Excel a bit scary.  People feel comfortable with Word, but not usually as comfortable with Excel.  However, in […]

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Introducing Sarah’s Office Snippets!

I’m very excited to announce the launch of Sarah’s Office Snippets!  They are short, free, training videos showing you how to get the best out of Microsoft Office.  There will be new ones every couple of weeks to look out for. I’ve been providing on site Microsoft Office training for over 12 years, but I’m […]

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Keyboard vs Mouse … Which Do You Prefer?

Firstly, Happy New Year!  Hope you’ve all had a good rest. Last year I published several Tweets about useful keyboard shortcuts.  How do you cut, copy and paste?  Do you: (a) Use the mouse to click on the ribbon/toolbar icons? (b) Use the mouse to right click, then select from the list? (c) Use the […]

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