Do you find Excel a bit daunting?!

Hi everyone and Happy 2017!

This month Sarah’s Office Snippets are focusing on Microsoft Excel.

There is much time wasted in offices everywhere by people who try to use Word Tables for lists of data because they find Excel a bit scary.  People feel comfortable with Word, but not usually as comfortable with Excel.  However, in Word, although you can use copy/paste for repetitive data, it isn’t half as clever as Excel.

Each of the Microsoft packages has a specific purpose and Word is intended for documentation, not lists of data.  Excel has been designed for this so why wouldn’t you use it?

My top tip when entering data into Excel is to use the Tab key to navigate to each cell, then you’ll be able to press Enter/Return to take you to the beginning of the next row.

Perhaps you should request some training so that you can begin to love Excel and appreciate its brilliance?

I hope you’re enjoying my Snippets.  I’d love your feedback 🙂


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