Introducing Sarah’s Office Snippets!

I’m very excited to announce the launch of Sarah’s Office Snippets!  They are short, free, training videos showing you how to get the best out of Microsoft Office.  There will be new ones every couple of weeks to look out for.

I’ve been providing on site Microsoft Office training for over 12 years, but I’m aware that not all employers are willing/able to provide their staff with training.  Hence Sarah’s Office Snippets are born!

I will also be offering training webinars in the New Year as many topics require a longer explanation.

Please visit my website,, to view the first video which is about Format Painter in Word.  Whilst visiting, do take the opportunity to sign up to receive information about the webinars once launched.

If you have any Microsoft Office related frustrations, and you would like to see them resolved in either a video or webinar, then do get in touch with me at or via social media.

I hope you find these tips useful.  Do let me know what you think.

…Sarah x

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