Keyboard vs Mouse … Which Do You Prefer?

Firstly, Happy New Year!  Hope you’ve all had a good rest.

Last year I published several Tweets about useful keyboard shortcuts.  How do you cut, copy and paste?  Do you:

(a) Use the mouse to click on the ribbon/toolbar icons?

(b) Use the mouse to right click, then select from the list?

(c) Use the keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl C (copy), Ctrl X (cut), Ctrl V (paste)

Which do you think is quickest? … (c) of course!

Using keyboard shortcuts is much quicker than using the mouse.  Also, many RSI sufferers report that they feel less pain when typing compared to when using a mouse.  You can actually do everything using the keyboard, if you know which buttons to press.

Many people I have trained still prefer to use the mouse, despite me recommending keyboard shortcuts; not because it’s quicker but because it’s habit.  However, if you are keen to change these habits and in turn save time, all you have to do is learn one or two shortcuts at a time and use them until they become habit instead (which according to most sources is about 21-28 times).

If you are in the middle of typing a letter and wish to turn Bold on, because your fingers are already on the keyboard, it makes perfect sense to use Ctrl B to turn it on and off.  Why stop your flow of typing to grab the mouse?  It’s unnecessary and wastes time.

Try it today; new year, new habits.  Start with these, and I’ll continue to give you more throughout the year:

Ctrl B: Bold

Ctrl I: Italic

Ctrl U: Underline

Ctrl C: Copy

Ctrl X: Cut

Ctrl V: Paste

Ctrl N: New Document/Email

Enjoy!  If you feel some training would be useful to save you even more time and find out the most efficient ways of using your software, why not get the New Year off to a flying start with some 1-2-1 bespoke training on Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook.  I provide hints and shortcuts as part of this training, so you could save yourself a lot of time (and therefore money) this year!  Call me on 07974 660583, Email me or DM me @sarahexecsecs for more information.

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